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Selflessness in Business

Dominika Ochnik, ed.

The book deals with a controversial and seemingly paradoxical relationship between selflessness and business. It depicts the primary and lasting controversy between the selfish (egoistic, competitive) and selfless (pro-social, co-operative) behavior in view of social, organizational and individual benefits. Therefore, it takes a step towards finding a solution to some of the challenges of the twenty-first century, particularly sustainable growth. The miscellaneous and transatlantic background of the Authors origins (USA, Colombia, Germany, Poland, UK, Spain) and their various perspectives (psychological, economic or philosophical) guarantee multi-voiced argumentation for strong relationships between selflessness and business.
Selflessness is understood from a social perspective as related to self-transcendence and connectedness to others. This perspective can be helpful in providing a deeper understanding of pro-social behavior in organizations and its implications for productivity and effectiveness. The manifestations of this approach can be found in acts such as organizational altruism, loyalty, quantum leadership, or pro-social vocational interests.
One can make an in-depth analysis of selflessness’s manifestations on a social, organizational and individual level. The ensuing question is how to achieve self-regulation in order to maintain sustainable growth, and selflessness turns out to be the answer. This book offers strong evidence for high organizational and individual benefits stemming from selfless behavior. Therefore, it is not selfish behavior that enables and encourages productivity and effectiveness but rather selfless behavior. The book also tackles gender issues in business, especially regarding the social female role as being traditionally related to selflessness.
The authors aim to reveal possible solutions to present and future challenges and enhance the meaning of positive outcomes of selfless behavior in business and work environments, which seems to be crucial and indispensable for future growth. The book will be useful not only for academic and business specialists but also for everyone interested in a broader perspective at contemporary challenges of business and organizational psychology.


ISBN: 9781622736393



An entirely new presentation of interdisciplinary studies on important aspects of contemporary social life in organizations, in connection with the strict personalist position.
[…] a good example of the possibility to integrate theory and practice in the area of studying human behavior at work. It may have an impact on the research in this field in the future.
Such an approach will allow both to integrate knowledge as well as to improve practices in the real world of business organizations. The book may be regarded as the starting point for future research in this field, enriching and enlarging our insights in selflessness.


Prof. Dr. Zofia Ratajczak
University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland


Addressing this topic “how much and how good it is to be altruistic about the world of money/business area” comes to meet an important and current need from the perspective of both citizens and organizations. This book is a handy and quality solution for those who want to study the field — a profound description and analysis of the subject for those who want to know more.


Prof. Dr. Bogdan Fleaca,
Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Business Engineering and Management (FAIMA), University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania


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